Praca - 3D Artist

Branża: Nowe technologie / IT
Dodano: 2017-05-18
Lokalizacja: Warszawa
Wygasa: 2017-06-29

3D Artist

Wrocław, Warszawa

We are looking for a person (to Wroclaw or Warsaw studio) who would like to create game, not only fill it with models. Someone, who sees broad context and his/her 3D objects enrich player's environment and make it unique.

If you:

  • have several years of experience in creating 3D models
  • have no problems with working in 3dsMax and Blender
  • have no problems with understanding what hi-poly and low-poly mean
  • UV spreading is a daily routine for you and you do it optimally
  • create interesting textures, which are autenthic and full of love
  • PBR means to you something completely different than Professional Bull Riders
  • are good at Zbrush
  • know Substance Painter and Substance Designer
  • know what is pretty and what is not
  • wanna see how effects of your work become alive in our game
  • your portfolio shows experience in AAA games

we really would like to discuss this opportunity with you!

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