Jeppesen Poland

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O Jeppesen Poland

Who we are

For 80 years, we have been helping aviation professionals worldwide reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Today, we build on those roots by offering an ever-expanding array of innovative informational products, services, and software—not only to our air transportation partners, but also to a growing lineup of sea and land transportation partners.

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, we have offices at nearly 35 locations around the world, and we're backed by the expertise and resources of our parent, the Boeing Company.

Jeppesen Crew

We believe in building long-term relationships with our employees. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure you are the right person for us and we are the right company for you.

Today, Jeppesen Poland hires more than 300 professionals - Software and Test Engineers, Navigation and GIS Specialists, Research and Development Engineers. 

All of them are here to make sure that new, cutting edge technology in aviation becomes reality: seamless and data driven, supporting all aspects of pre-flight, in flight, and post-flight activities.

As one of our employees says: “(...) Though the responsibilities are of high importance, the atmosphere in the office is both welcoming and homely. I assume that this is our way to provide high quality products. It’s simply easier to work in a friendly environment like the one we have at Jeppesen!” 

Who we are looking for

Our innovative products and services change the way the world moves. That is why we are seeking people who:

  • Are able to be part of globally distributed teams 

  • Can be creative and come up with fresh solutions 

  • Work effectively in a team to achieve joint success 

  • Dedicate themselves to personal growth and learning 

  • Face new challenges with innovative solutions 

  • Understand and value customer needs and focus on quality

If you are looking for a reliable employer who charts market trends and offers stable, exciting and challenging work – this is the place for YOU

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Możliwość awansu
Work/life Balance

Zależy gdzie się trafi

Tutaj wszystko zależy od tego gdzie się trafi a raczej do jakiego projektu cię przydzielą. O korporacyjności nie będę pisał bo to już inni napisali. Ja od siebie mogę dodać, że w tej firmie za moich czasów można było świetnie zarabiać przy tym jeszcze dostawać dodatki i mieć świadomość, że się robi coś interesującego.

Atmosfera w tamtym okresie super nie wiem jak jest teraz bo nie utrzymuje kontaktu z ludźmi z Jeppensena. Ogólnie uważam, że warto mieć od nich wpis do CV biorąc pod uwagę własne doświadczenie z tą firmą
Możliwość awansu
Work/life Balance
  • Prywatna opieka medyczna
  • Karta sportowa
  • Bony / bilety / zniżki
  • Elastyczny czas pracy
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