Praca - Hardware Engineer

Branża: Inżynieria / Konstrukcje, Administracja biurowa, Grafika / Fotografia / Sztuka, Nowe technologie / IT
Dodano: 2017-03-14
Lokalizacja: Wrocław
Wygasa: 2017-06-29

Hardware Engineer

Job Holder will be responsible to develop, implement and manage projects aimed at enhancing the total consumer experience with Whirlpool products, and to represent the state of art in household appliances control.

Key activities and accountability are:

- Electronic controls design including schematic entry and Bill Of Material definition.
- Accountability for the detailed hardware description documentation including worst case analysis (WCA), critical modules analysis and simulation, critical components analysis and test validation.
- Failure mode and life test analysis (FMEA, ALT).
- Prototypes complete HW testing and debugging.
- HW issues troubleshooting and board robustness improvement during the different prototyping phases.
- Co-operation with SW engineer during testing phases to validate a robust HW behavior.
- Components placement and board layout definition with the PCB engineer.
- Assembly line testing definition at the ECM.
- Maintenance and enhancement of today electronic boards.
- Support analysis of control issues (quality, performances) and troubleshooting.
- Support on Product Engineering for the specifications tuning.
- Control architecture definition matching the requirements of manufacturing, modularity, flexibility, test-ability and standardization with the other products and projects.
- Critical component selection and development time estimation.
- Support the definition of the Whirlpool's factory and service test.
- Verification of the assembly process at the Electronic Control Manufacturer (ECM).
- Verification for compliance to WH product specifications/quality and to the international
- Standards recommendation.
- Feasibility study of the control in terms of quality, cost, serviceability.


- Master´s Degree in Electrical Engineering related to Power Electronics
- Good HW design tools knowledge (Mentor Graphics, Cadence) PCB design tools and manufacturing knowledge (Mentor Graphics, Cadence)
- Experience in hardware design for embedded system. Experience on hardware Power electronics designs for Induction Coocktops (QR, FB, HB topologies) or motor control applications.
- Basic SW languages knowledge (C, Assembler)
- power semiconductor switches, drive and protection circuits;
- switching power converters; motor control;
- thermal design. Skills and knowledge required to analyze and design practical power electronic systems.
- Digital control techniques for switched-mode power converters
- Voltage-mode control and standard PI and PID compensator design
- High-quality Power Factor Correctors (PFC)
- Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost typologies: steady-state analysis in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes
- Isolated converters: forward, push-pull, half-bridge and fly-back.
- Snubber circuits, Input filter design, Resonant converters
- steady-state and transient measurements on a Boost DC/DC converter
- System-level simulation of switched-mode power converters with MATLAB©/Simulink©
- Depth analysis capabilities of analog electronic circuits. Being able to design simple/complex circuits. Electromagnetic compatibility aspects knowledge.
- Strong work skills, communication, cooperation, self motivated
- Ability to plan his/her own work to deliver on time
- quality and problem solving mindset
- Capability to negotiate specifications vs. implementation
- Ability to withstand high pressure situations and high workload peaks
- Ability to work in a multi-cultures team and to mentor junior engineers from technical Point of view
- Good English language level
- Potential to grow to a more senior position in the organization
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