Praca - Level Designer

Branża: Grafika / Fotografia / Sztuka, Nowe technologie / IT, Przemysł / Produkcja, Zarządzanie projektem
Dodano: 2017-03-22
Lokalizacja: Warszawa
Wygasa: 2017-06-29

Level Designer

Wrocław, Warszawa


  • designing, realizing missions and iterating levels for video–games created by Techland,
  • taking responsibility for a dedicated fragment of the game – from paper documentation to the final product – designing, building, scripting, iterating, optimization,
  • working with Design, Art, and Code production teams during building content for the game,
  • creating project documentation for realizing tasks,
  • feedback for and co–operation with level designers.

This position fits a person that:

  • has a minimum of three years of experience in the video–game industry, and took part in the completion of at least one project,
  • understands English on a level enabling to understand and create technical documentation,
  • wants to develop, learns quickly and eagerly, is proactive and shows initiative,
  • has experience with working with any engine – Unreal / REDkit / Cryengine / Unity,
  • designs and creates missions for computer games as a hobby,
  • gets along with people and understands that teamwork is the way to achieve goals,
  • is oriented towards results and looking for innovative solutions,
  • has a sense of attractiveness, an artistic sense, and spatial imagination (can sketch, plan the course of a mission on paper),
  • is ambitious and wants to create things on the highest, global level on all newest platforms,
  • is an active player and knows the game industry,
  • is aware of current trends in level design and is constantly developing in this field.
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